A couple of days ago we received a USB stick from Clarendon with some of their colour/selection options included. Unfortunately most of it was just supplier brochures so you have no idea of what is actually included.

One thing where they DID actually show what was the standard/upgraded ranges was the bricks. Bricks are supplied through Austral and I was pleasantly surprised that there was a decent range that came as standard.

Today we loaded the girls up and went to the display centre to check what the bricks looked like in real life. Let’s just say the images provided were very misleading. At the end of the day we were quite happy with a couple of colours and got local addresses of houses that had been built in those bricks.

There is a new range of bricks called the Wilderness range which we really liked. The range comprises of 3 colours, all very dark which is what we were after. The leader at the moment is called Blackbutt which doesn’t really have any tonal colours in it whereas the other two colours have hints of maroon and brown. Unfortunately there aren’t any houses built locally in the other colours yet so when we head to Sydney next Friday for our contract we will suss out if there are any down there we can look at.

Below is a closeup from Austral of Blackbutt.



Above is a house built in Blackberry which is one of the other colours in the Wilderness range.


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