Plans Submitted!

Finally after chasing and chasing we got an email today that our plans have been submitted. We still don’t have updated kitchen plans yet but at least we are now moving in the right direction. We are in Lake Macquarie City Council and from what I have seen lately they aren’t mucking around with DA applications so it should hopefully only be a few weeks before we can get approval.


Kitchen Signed Off

This morning I FINALLY got  to sign off the kitchen quote. We received the initial quote on 25/08/15. Most of the time has been waiting for amendments to come back from the Kitchen Company which has been frustrating. Hopefully now we can finalise the electrical plan aswell and put an end to the admin rollercoaster!


We seem to be buried in admin at the moment. This week has been very frustrating with Clarendon.

I received a phone call earlier in the week that there were now two major changes that had to be made to our plans. One was that we could not extend our alfresco concrete to the width of the house due to council’s cut/fill ratios. This I could live with as we can do that ourselves later, more just annoying it got to this point before anyone realised.

The second thing which has really annoyed me was they had to move a future retaining wall on the plans which then meant we had to move our rainwater tank. We did have it hidden up the side of the house, Clarendon’s solution was to put it smack bang in the middle of our two family room windows, right in view from our main living area. Not happy Jan.

After going back with some alternate suggestions we finally managed to find a solution where the tank at least isn’t visible out our windows, still not our ideal location but what do you do. This also cost us $1401. I can’t fathom how we got up to Revision E or something on the plans before anyone picked this up!The council rules have been in place for almost a year so there is no excuse there.

Today we signed off on most of the remaining outstanding items. We are just waiting on a final kitchen quote and then updated drawings so we can give that to the electrical people.