Ready to Rumble

After what seemed like endless rain last week, our tree guy was able to get to the block this week and chop all our trees down. Thanks Tim! The block looks huge now and much lighter.

We are hoping to get the final go ahead from the bank in the next day or two, then it is just waiting on Clarendon for consolidated plans etc.

I highly recommend Tim at Level It Excavation & Tree Services. Check out the website or find them on Facebook.

Here is a few photos of the block. The first is after the trees were cut, the second after the stumps were all removed.


After the trees were cut down.


After the stump removal. Standing at the back left hand corner of the block.


After the stump removal. Standing at the back left hand corner of the block.


Finally some action – of the council kind

After a few holdups with council (it helps when they actually look at the current plans) we are finally approved! It took about 5.5 weeks all up which isn’t too bad, just annoying knowing it could have been sorted quicker if people did their job properly.

I had a call from the valuer for the bank who was going to go look at the land to do the final valuation yesterday so hopefully we should hear back on that in the next day or two.

Next up is time to clear the block. We have 9 pretty large trees so it’s no small job and of course the next week is forecast to rain! Fingers crossed there is a break and our tree guy can get in there and do some chopping.

Next up from Clarendon will be getting (and checking) the final construction plans. Hopefully this won’t take to long and our file can go to construction.