News we really did NOT want to hear..

So after having no one at the block again my husband rang the concrete manager this morning. He never bothered ringing me back after I spoke to him last Thursday and now I know why!

They have sacked the concreter! They have apparently now put a new one on but we’ll be lucky to have a slab by the end of next week. Keep in mind our block was cut mid December.

There is now no access at our block (which is a battleaxe so not great at the best of times!) because we currently have sitting there floor joists, steel beams, waffle pods, reo and now gravel which they have dumped at the entry gate. Wouldn’t surprise me if the frame turns up before we have a slab!

The concrete manager admitted by now the frame should be up and bricking should have started. Instead we have some pipes in the ground and that’s it. What makes it even worse is seeing the block next door who cut their block last week and are now at the same stage as us!


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