Bathrooms + Electrical Underway

Last week saw the bath and toilets all installed. The bath installation meant getting yet another hole cut in our laundry ceiling because the plumbers had never actually plumbed the bath in even though we had told our supervisor numerous times. The supervisor asked them to go check a few weeks back and they said it was fine. It appears we were right!

Electrical kicked off on Thursday afternoon. All the downlights and powerpoints/light switches are in. Unfortunately they couldn’t do anything in the bathrooms yet as the ceilings are going to have another layer of gyprock so the cornices sit lower and cover the tops of the tiles (which aren’t straight). They still have quite a bit of stuff to do outside too. One of my kitchen pendants is also not hanging straight. Hopefully I can get that sorted out.

The gyprocker should be back (for about the sixth visit) sometimes this week. He has a fair bit of stuff on his list to get sorted. Tiler was there yesterday ripping down the kitchen splashback tiles (some of which were laid upside down and therefore didn’t line up!). The gyrocker will also have to redo that whole area before it can be retiled.

One coat of paint has been done but we still need another coat plus the girls feature walls to be done. There is paint on literally every surface. All over the tiles (as you can see in the photo of the bath), on the kitchen cupboards, all over the glass on my glass doors plus on the bricks. I think my five year old could have done a tidier job.

Not sure when the bricks are going to be redone around the front door. The listĀ of stuff to be fixed just keeps growing and growing. Who knows when we will finally get the keys.







The good, the bad and the ugly… and over contract

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted and it’s been a bit of a rough trot. Kitchen is now in (except for kickboards and the back of the island bench as these will go in after flooring is complete to avoid needing beading/scotia).

Tiling is sort of done in bathrooms and laundry. We had a meeting with our Site Supervisor last week in regards to quite a few things we weren’t happy with in the hopes it can be dealt with now rather than later. Tiling was one of them. Quite a few of the tile that have been cut to meet the ceiling cornices are not even and particularly on the grey tiles it really stands out. Our Supervisor has agreed to rectify this by replacing the cornices with a new cornice with a lipped edge which should sit just over the edge of the tile and hide the tops so it will look straight. Another big problem is with our tiled splashback in the kitchen. Quite a few tiles have been laid upside down which means the pattern doesn’t line up properly. It also hasn’t been tiled right up to the window like it should be. They will all need to come down, probably be re-gyprocked and then done again.

There was quite a few bits of sloppy carpentry which should hopefully all be rectified, then comes one of the biggest issues.

Brickwork. Around our front door it looks terrible. I went to the show home to take a photo of how it looked there and it was like chalk and cheese. I showed the sales consultants and they were embarrassed by the finish of some of the things I showed them. Our Site Supervisor has agreed to get them to re-brick this section but of course the brickie is on holidays for two weeks.

Painting was due to start today but when I went out to let the painter know to also paint the leftover skirting boards so we can install them after handover, there was no one there. I can’t see him being finished by Monday like he was supposed to be now.

By my calculations we are now about 2 weeks over contract. At the start of the week our Supervisor said we were still about 5 weeks out from handover. Unfortunately Clarendon’s liquidated damages are only $15 per working day so not exactly a huge incentive for them to hurry up and finish! It’s a stupidly low amount particularly compared to some of the other builders paying $50 or $100 per day!

All we can do now is wait and hope everything gets fixed properly the first time and we get these keys soon.


Now for some photos..