Living in the house

It’s been a while since I posted. To be honest the last few weeks of the build just left me feeling completely deflated and over the entire thing┬áso I wasn’t in the mood to post any updates.

We’ve been in the house for a few weeks now. We love the space and are really happy with the layout we designed and all our selections. It’s still really disappointing though when you look around the house and see the poor quality of work on a lot of things. It’s just not how a brand new house should be finished by a team of so called “professionals”.. I use that term loosely.

Here’s a few examples of the “quality” workmanship we paid for.

We are still waiting for our shutters to be installed which should be in the next few weeks, so once that it done I will take some better photos to post.

Our driveway is under construction at the moment and will be poured on Friday/Monday which will make a huge difference to the front of the house. No more having to get out of the car in the dirt! Our retaining walls at the back are now also complete so next up there is the back fence then we can get started on a bamboo screen on the top tier and some turf.


img_3881 img_3880 img_3870