Living in the house

It’s been a while since I posted. To be honest the last few weeks of the build just left me feeling completely deflated and over the entire thing so I wasn’t in the mood to post any updates.

We’ve been in the house for a few weeks now. We love the space and are really happy with the layout we designed and all our selections. It’s still really disappointing though when you look around the house and see the poor quality of work on a lot of things. It’s just not how a brand new house should be finished by a team of so called “professionals”.. I use that term loosely.

Here’s a few examples of the “quality” workmanship we paid for.

We are still waiting for our shutters to be installed which should be in the next few weeks, so once that it done I will take some better photos to post.

Our driveway is under construction at the moment and will be poured on Friday/Monday which will make a huge difference to the front of the house. No more having to get out of the car in the dirt! Our retaining walls at the back are now also complete so next up there is the back fence then we can get started on a bamboo screen on the top tier and some turf.


img_3881 img_3880 img_3870



The good, the bad and the ugly… and over contract

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted and it’s been a bit of a rough trot. Kitchen is now in (except for kickboards and the back of the island bench as these will go in after flooring is complete to avoid needing beading/scotia).

Tiling is sort of done in bathrooms and laundry. We had a meeting with our Site Supervisor last week in regards to quite a few things we weren’t happy with in the hopes it can be dealt with now rather than later. Tiling was one of them. Quite a few of the tile that have been cut to meet the ceiling cornices are not even and particularly on the grey tiles it really stands out. Our Supervisor has agreed to rectify this by replacing the cornices with a new cornice with a lipped edge which should sit just over the edge of the tile and hide the tops so it will look straight. Another big problem is with our tiled splashback in the kitchen. Quite a few tiles have been laid upside down which means the pattern doesn’t line up properly. It also hasn’t been tiled right up to the window like it should be. They will all need to come down, probably be re-gyprocked and then done again.

There was quite a few bits of sloppy carpentry which should hopefully all be rectified, then comes one of the biggest issues.

Brickwork. Around our front door it looks terrible. I went to the show home to take a photo of how it looked there and it was like chalk and cheese. I showed the sales consultants and they were embarrassed by the finish of some of the things I showed them. Our Site Supervisor has agreed to get them to re-brick this section but of course the brickie is on holidays for two weeks.

Painting was due to start today but when I went out to let the painter know to also paint the leftover skirting boards so we can install them after handover, there was no one there. I can’t see him being finished by Monday like he was supposed to be now.

By my calculations we are now about 2 weeks over contract. At the start of the week our Supervisor said we were still about 5 weeks out from handover. Unfortunately Clarendon’s liquidated damages are only $15 per working day so not exactly a huge incentive for them to hurry up and finish! It’s a stupidly low amount particularly compared to some of the other builders paying $50 or $100 per day!

All we can do now is wait and hope everything gets fixed properly the first time and we get these keys soon.


Now for some photos..


Internals on their way

After no progress last week, it was good to see some tradies back on site this week.

Cornices and sanding was done yesterday plus the start of our staircase went in today. Tomorrow should hopefully see the kitchen start going in which I am a tad excited about!

Not the most exciting photos at this stage but here are a couple anyway.








Roofing complete + Air Con in

We did a trip to the house today to see how much had been done this week and were pleasantly surprised that 1. We had tradies on site working  and 2. the air con had been installed sometime late in the week!

Speaking to our SS earlier in the week he said we were looking at about 3 months. That will put us in around late August which will be a month over our contract date. I’m not surprised considering we lost 10 weeks in the beginning waiting for the slab to be poured.

The electrician is due back on site on Tuesday to finish roughing in and I”m hoping the cladding goes up early next week before the rain hits. Once that is on the exterior is then pretty much complete.

Here’s a bit of a photo update now the exterior is almost complete.

Bricks – half way there

We are now about half way with our bricks. The lower floor is pretty much complete except for the sections where there is a drop edge beam. They couldn’t go any higher there without scaffolding, which was delivered yesterday. Hopefully they don’t muck around getting the scaffolding up and they can get cracking with the second floor bricks.

Once the bricks started we found a few issues with the slab. The draftsperson had actually left a bit of slab off the slab plan (always handy!) so they have had to add more concrete to the pillar at the right hand side of the garage. The concreters measurements must have also been out as the right hand corner at the front we have 30mm overhang on one pillar, and then 30mm underhang on the other! Our SS wasn’t concerned and said it would all be fixed where needed.

The brickies seem to have done a pretty good job so far and we are happy with our brick selection, especially considering it was just in the standard range of bricks.

Now for some photos..









IMG_2363 IMG_2397 IMG_2395 IMG_2398

A Spot of Shopping

I’ve been really good so far and have restrained myself from making any purchases for the house (except for ordering our lounges which have a long manufacture time).

Today I couldn’t pass up a sale on a display shelf I’ve been eyeing off at Adairs ever since it came out. It will go in the girls bathroom next to the bath. I also grabbed a bathroom accessories set, all 30% off!



Finally we are moving in the right direction. Monday the plumbers turned up to do all the external plumbing. We also got them to put in some additional drainage around the side and back of the slab to help deal with any runoff from being on a slope.

Wednesday the lower floor frames arrived as promised, with carpenters due on site the next day. I went past on Thursday expecting to see some action but it was a ghost town. Lucky they turned up on Friday and got the lower floor sorted.

It was good to be able to actually walk through the rooms and get a better idea of the size instead of just imagining!